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Our birth chart is a beach

Life is like a beach. The movements of the planets are like the waves of the ocean that reach the shore of our natal chart.

Most of the time, these waves of planetary influence break and become nothing but a ripple, pushing only a few grains of sand on our own personal coastline.

Sometimes we feel the impact of these waves as they smash against the rocks that line the different areas of our beach.

Other times the tide goes out to leave a beautiful rock pool teaming with life and prosperity.

Occasionally a wave grows and swells, just as planetary influence builds in multiple deepening layers, finally breaking as a great storm wave and shifting almost everything on our beach.

Perhaps you’re searching for buried treasure on your beach and struggling to find it. Maybe you need a map to identify any weaknesses so that you may address them. Or perhaps you’re weathering a storm and would just love to know when it could end.

It’s important to know that the movements of the planets may show the fluctuations of daily life, but most of the time they won’t show life changing events.

There are numerous levels and sequences to astrological influence, and each one can be carefully assessed to determine if a wave will ripple or crash.

Above all, the condition of our beach is the starting point of our experience. Knowing it well can help us live out our full potential and feel more prepared for the future.


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