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If your mind is preoccupied with a particular issue, horary astrology can help. A horary consultation uses the "chart of the moment" to answer a specific query in detail that cannot be seen from a natal chart reading alone. It provides deeper understanding, enabling you to make a better informed decision moving forward.

Anyone can ask a Horary Question on just about anything, but the more profound the question, the more precise the answer will be. 

I hold consultations in person, online via Zoom or email. My usual delivery time is 1-3 days within receipt of payment, but I respond to emergencies as soon as possible.

Horary Consultation 50 €


For more information or to arrange a consultation, please get in touch via the contact page or email me directly: I very much look forward to assisting you.

How to ask a horary question


Consider your question carefully if you have any uncertainty over the key issue. Specific questions produce clear charts. If you're confused about what to ask, just describe your problem and I can help you identify the root of the matter to address. When you are ready, contact me with your question and include any relevant background information.

This wonderful technique can help you in any aspect of life. Questions that I have answered successfully include:​

  • Where is my ring?

  • What is the future of our relationship?

  • Is the house extension a good idea? Will it add property value?

  • When will I get a job? What will it be?

How a question is answered


Once I am clear on, and engaged with the question, I will draw the chart for my time and location, analyse the positions of the planets and the stars, and write up the judgement. I may request further background details from you to clarify the reading. The judgement includes information related to the past, present and future of the situation, but these details vary greatly based on the question.


My aim is to provide a clear and honest answer delivered with compassion. All readings are provided in the strictest confidence. Any follow up queries after the reading are very welcome.

To better navigate your life and discover helpful remedies, instead choose a natal consultation

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