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I am a practising astrologer, English born, living in a small town in Piedmont, Italy. From a lifetime of curiosity in astronomy, my interest in astrology evolved.


As William Lilly once wrote "I was strangely affected to Astrology, and desirous to Study it, only to see if there were any verity in it". My own desire to begin studying this art included a similar sentiment! It warms my heart to admire the very same stars and planets as did the great astrologers of our past.


I am devoted to the study and practical application of astrology. I am particularly interested in the common thread connecting the traditions of astrology throughout the world, particularly between traditional Western technique and Indian Jyotisha. I believe astrology encourages self development and personal growth whilst being able to offer invaluable guidance.


I hold the School of Traditional Astrology’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary. I am also a classical violinist and hold a bachelor honours degree in photography.

I warmly welcome you into my practise.


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