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A natal chart consultation offers multifaceted insight into your life experience to help you navigate your way and support your personal growth. Understand the potentials of your life according to your unique horoscope, plus discover methods of remediation for those areas you wish to improve. We can examine topics of your particular concern and if you wish look into how your future can unfold. I use a combination of techniques from traditional Western astrology and Indian Jyotisha.


I hold consultations in person or online via Zoom. This service requires a precise birth time, date and location to calculate your natal chart - a map of the planetary positions at the moment of your birth.

30 minute consultation 50 €

A focused consultation on one particular area of life of your choice.

60 minute consultation 100 €

A comprehensive consultation exploring multiple life areas and topics.

To arrange a consultation or for more information, please get in touch via the contact page or email me directly: I look forward to being of service.

Philosophy of Natal Astrology


The aim of a natal chart consultation is to leave you feeling more empowered, informed and in control of your life. 

The debate of free will versus determinism is frequent in the field of astrological consultations and predictions. If our life is fixed and predetermined, knowing so may help us accept who we are and prepare for the future, but if the future is open, may we modify the outcome?

Buddha is quoted to have said "Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it." Thus our perception creates an experience which forms our reality. Discoveries in neuroscience explain that our thoughts effect genetic behaviour in the brain. Our minds shape our brain and consequently our brains shape our mind, then in turn our physical lives are transformed.

The planetary configurations of the natal chart can be seen like the genetics we are born with. If our genes respond to our thoughts, then it could be said that the potentials of our life illustrated by the natal chart respond to our thoughts. If we change our perception, we mould the way we experience the unfolding of our lives. 

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