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  • Read your ascendant sign instead of your sun sign if you know it. You may have been born on the cusp of a zodiac sign, so it’s advised to find your precise birth time, date and location to calculate your personal stellar configurations.

  • Read these horoscopes as a general forecast of prevalent themes to come - they are just the tip of the iceberg of astrological technique. For some the experience will be positive, others negative and the rest neutral. The exact nature of events and experiences can only ever be seen from a personal consultation.

  • These forecasts have been written with opportunity in mind. To benefit from desirable planetary influences or manage undesirable results, taking action is key.




The Sun in Leo is giving you an edge to your creativity and artistic performance, enabling you to enjoy yourself more and shine in the spotlight. Take advantage of this before the Sun moves into Virgo on 22 August when you may start to feel the burden and pressures of work and daily life. Venus transiting through Virgo will surely ease your stresses, but it could also mean you have less money to spend until Venus enters Libra at the end of the month. Mars, your ruling planet, conjoins lucky Jupiter on 14 August and then squares restrictive Saturn on 16 August, so you may find yourself presented with a great opportunity but there is a catch you have to work through. Venus makes a square aspect to Mars on 23 August so stay attentive to possibile arguments or disagreements in your relationships and business partnerships around this day. Stay patient because things will surely smooth out as Venus enters Libra at the very end of August.





The Sun in Leo is illuminating your private life and you feel more like staying in the comfort of your own home until 22nd August when the Sun enters Virgo and you feel more expressive and keen to entertain yourself. Venus, your ruling planet, will transit Virgo all month, which can contribute to your renewed sense of pleasure and fun but at the same time, you might not feel quite yourself. There is a chance of romance mid month but watch out for arguments or disagreements in your relationships as Venus squares Mars on 23 August. This month can also bring an important development in your finances that may involve your romantic or business partner. At the end of the month, look out for opportunities to resolve communication or even contractual problems that surround your home and private life.




The Sun in Leo is giving you the energy to learn new skills, speak freely and be more out and about. You have the opportunity to better understand some personal issues mid month as the Sun enters Virgo on 22nd August. Mercury, your ruling planet will be in retrograde motion for most of the month, which is like a routine refresh for you on all levels. On 8th August you can be taken by surprise by a pleasant encounter as Mercury retrograde conjoins Venus, the planet of love and peace. From mid month you have the chance to slow down a bit more, reevaluate your previous actions and consider how you’d like to move forward. As Mercury becomes invisible in the sky on 12th August, a period of inward reflection awaits you. As Mercury rises as a morning star on 26th August, you find yourself feeling more open and willing to be seen again.





The Sun will be in Leo until the 22nd August, during this period your finances are brought into focus and you have the chance to earn more money than usual. Mercury retrograde in Virgo can bring some long awaited news or information. It can also bring some set backs to your local travel, particularly on 5th August when Mercury stations retrograde. Ensure you are well prepared for any important journeys that you have planned. Yet Venus will be in Virgo for the whole month, so you can also take more pleasure in short day trips and enjoy time with your siblings. You’re able to communicate in a more pleasant and reassuring way at this time, so if you need to talk to someone about something important, you can find the right words to say.




The Sun in your own sign is giving you the vital energy you need and is recharging you on all levels. You can feel more in line with your personal goals at this time, so it’s a great time to take action. The New Moon in Leo on 4th August is a personal new beginning for you. On 22nd August, the Sun will move into Virgo and put a spotlight on your money. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo for most of the month too, so this is an important time to analyse your spending and financial budget. If money flow is slow for you this August, things should improve towards the end of the month as Mercury moves direct. You may find yourself having to be more patient with your friends this month, but your social circle still continues to expand.




The Sun in Leo is illuminating the thoughts and worries in the back of your mind and is bringing to an end an old cycle. When the Sun enters Virgo on 22nd August you can start anew as the Sun in your own sign will recharge you with refreshing life force energy. Don’t hold on to the past if you don’t want to carry it with you. Your planetary ruler, Mercury is retrograde in your sign this month, so you may find yourself going back over your past actions and correcting any mistakes. If there is something that has to be redone, it’s best to do it now. As Mercury becomes invisible in the sky on 12th August, a period of inward reflection awaits you. As Mercury rises as a morning star on 26th August, you find yourself feeling more open and willing to be seen again. Charm, charisma and beauty are all attributed to you this month as Venus transits your sign.





The Sun in Leo has been putting a spotlight on you social groups and friendship circles, so you’ve likely been a social butterfly of late. As the Sun shifts into Virgo on 22nd August you feel the urge to retreat far away, to uncover your inner thoughts and reflect on life from a distance. Your planetary ruler Venus is also moving through Virgo this month too, which can also contribute to your desire to be more alone. Only at the very end of the month when Venus enters Libra will you feel ready to go further out into the world again. Venus will make an opposition to Saturn on 19th August, which could bring you down a little bit, but only because you might come up against a blockage that you have to work through.





The Sun in Leo has put a focus on your work and career this month and you have probably found yourself orienting your life around your job but as the Sun will moves into Virgo, the pressure releases and you become more interested in your social life. This period may be tinged with a sense of loss but on the 14th August as Mars, your planetary ruler conjoins Jupiter, you may finally receive the guiding counsel you’ve been searching for. If you are looking for someone to help you, or in need of advice, keep an eye out because you may readily find it this month. Stay attentive on 23rd August as Venus makes a square to Mars bringing tension and conflict to your romantic and professional relationships.





The Sun in Leo has been inspiring your philosophical nature recently. You are feeling more inclined to study and expand your mental horizons. As the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo on 22nd July, your focus switches to your work and career. Perhaps you can carry what you have recently learned into your profession. Venus transits through Virgo this month which can bring harmony and peace to your work. If you are a musician, beautician or artist this can be a welcome influence that aids your creativity. On 14th August in Gemini, Mars conjoins your ruling planet, Jupiter. A problem that’s been brewing in your relationship can finally come to a head, enabling you to finally resolve it.





This month brings you the opportunity to accept loss and defeat and view it from a wider perspective. You can find yourself reassessing what you really believe in, and how you really wish to live your life. With Mars in Gemini this month you are feeling more stressed than usual, so take care of your body and wellbeing. Mars will square your planetary ruler, Saturn, on 16th August, so this could be a particularly stressful day for you, yet you may find that if you apply yourself correctly you can be quite productive. On 19th August, Venus opposes Saturn which can bring some difficulties into your work environment but at the very end of the month Venus will enter Libra which will bring peace, joy and tranquility to your job and career. You are nearly free of the emotional toil brought to you by Pluto transiting your sign for the past 20 years. Pluto is currently retrograde and will transit Capricorn again from September to November, so you might experience one final purge of some deep seated trauma.





Your relationships have been a focal point in your life so far this month. With many planets active in Virgo this month and the Sun entering the sign on 22nd August, your partner’s money becomes an important issue in your life. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo and Leo this month, which presents the opportunity for your partner to review their finances with you. If you are able to budget and organise your money in the right way you can feel less stressed about your finances when Mercury turns direct at the end of the month. Mars conjoins Jupiter in Gemini on 14th August, for you this could bring an explosion of romance and creativity to your life for a short period. At the same time, Mars transiting Gemini is not easy for you, as it may be hindering your ability to relax and have fun. Instead you may find enjoyment in physical activities that gets your blood pumping.





With the Sun in Leo your physical wellbeing has been a priority for you recently. As Venus moves into Virgo for the month of August, you can be blessed with a greater sense of love and compassion in your relationships. Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo also this month, and conjoins Venus there on 8th August. This can signify the return of an old relationship, or the revival of a current one. With Mars in Gemini you have probably feeling more stressed at home that usual, and as it conjoins with Jupiter, your ruling planet, on 14th August this stress can increase for a short period. As a Pisces you like to let your life flow naturally, so if you are finding it stressful being at home make sure to take time out in nature where life moves at a calmer pace.

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