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  • Read your ascendant sign instead of your sun sign if you know it. You may have been born on the cusp of a zodiac sign, so it’s advised to find your precise birth time, date and location to calculate your personal stellar configurations.

  • Read these horoscopes as a general forecast of prevalent themes to come - they are just the tip of the iceberg of astrological technique. For some the experience will be positive, others negative and the rest neutral. The exact nature of events and experiences can only ever be seen from a personal consultation.

  • These forecasts have been written with opportunity in mind. To benefit from desirable planetary influences or manage undesirable results, taking action is key.

APRIL 2024



This month brings into focus your life path, sense of self, health and vitality. You have a great opportunity to review the direction in which your life is heading and how you take care of your body. You may come to better understand what worries and bad habits have been negatively effecting your life. You may feel like you loose something which is apart of you or you loose a sense of your identity, only for a wave of renewed self understanding to come. The second half of the month puts a spotlight on your finances and there is even the opportunity to make sudden financial gains.





This month you may be dealing with hidden matters or secrets, most likely connected to your finances and towards the end of the month, details which were previously unknown to you can become exposed, enabling you to work through them. This month you may feel drawn to spending more time alone, or you may find yourself in situations where you are disconnected from the reality of everyday life. There is also the potential that you experience disruption in your friendship groups, so it’s a good period to rest and retreat. You may even get a sudden opportunity to visit a far away place, become inspired by philosophy or receive a surprising piece of advice.





There are some changes on the horizon for your friends and social groups this month. You may make new friends, get in touch with old friends and even fall out of touch with current friends. Someone may even do you a favour! This month is also set to have a major development or event in your career which could be challenging. Around mid month, you may be dealing with obscured information and rumours. You may be waiting to receive some important piece of information; perhaps a phone call, letter, email or even a work contract may get delayed until next month. If you are signing a contract or writing an important email etc., it’s advised this month to take extra care in reading the fine print - you may even discover some previous mistakes and seek to correct them.





This month you have the chance to make some major changes in your career, maybe you leave a job, start a new one or make some other significant change in your job. April provides a good opportunity to revise and reevaluate your career path. Despite what may feel like an upheaval in your work sphere, you may also feel a sense of peace and ease on the other hand. The second half of the month brings an emphasis to friendships, there can be some unexpected events, perhaps you receive a surprise from a friend who lives in a foreign country.





This month you have the opportunity to revaluate your philosophy on life. You may receive new opportunities to learn and study or you may change an existing course of education. For those of you who have been looking to go abroad, you can expect some important developments in this area of you life. Any delays or surprising events that come this month will start to move forwards from the end of the month. This month also shines a spotlight on your career, you may receive a sudden opportunity or experience a breakthrough in a stagnant work related situation.





Finances are a big subject for you this month. There may be some major chances in the financial situation of your partner, it's a good time to budget and reassess financial equilibrium. For others, the financial themes may show up as inheritance or taxes so it would also be a good idea to go over your financial records to be sure you are all up to date. It’s possible that you may feel more pressure within your relationships this month, but towards the end of the month the air should start to clear and any tension can dissipate.





Your relationships are a major theme for you this month. The possible events can fall on any part of the spectrum, you may get back in touch with someone from your past, meet someone new, or realise that a relationships is no longer working. Either way, this is a great time to let go of what you feel is holding you back in your relationships. It’s also a good idea to take care of your finances this month and to not overspend. Some of you may even get a new pet or experience some added responsibility related to the pets you already have.





Have you recently been overworking yourself with little reward or compensation for your efforts? This month provides you with the opportunity to take care of your body and physical vitality. It’s an important period to manage stress and to let your body rest and recuperate. You may also experience some blockages and delays in the pursuit of leisure and pleasure this month. Surprises can come to you in the areas romantic relationships and professional partnerships and at the end of April, you should start to regain a sense of renewed strength.





April brings into focus matters related to your children, hobbies, fun and creativity. Perhaps you restart something that you really enjoy, a surprising event can occur with your children or you get the opportunity to attend an enjoyable concert. Stress could be more likely for you this month, so allow yourself the time to do the things you enjoy. It could be a good idea to care of your home, land and property during this period. This month you may also be unexpectedly inspired to focus more on your pets or employees.





Unexpected events may occur within your home, property and land this month. You may even sign a contract related to your home and property, just take the time to review the fine print or get a second opinion on anything you are not sure about. This would also be a great time to deep clean your house! Sudden opportunities can come into your life areas related to hobbies, concerts, events, creativity and children. It’s also possible that this month you experience some added tension related to your colleagues and siblings, but this should dissipate towards the end of April.





If you have been waiting for a letter, important email or phone call then there is a high chance that in April you will receive it, but there could also be some additional surprises attached. It would be a good idea this month to take additional effort to plan well even the shortest of journeys, as additional delays are possible. It’s also a good opportunity to fix any problems you may have with your car. If you have been wishing to improve or expand your home and living situation, this month may also present a surprising chance to make that happen.





April will be a very active month for you and brings more attention than usual to your finances. It’s a great opportunity to review your spending, budget and plan accordingly for the future. Some months are always more stressful than others, and this may be one of them for you, so take your time to rest when you need. You may find the inspiration for a new writing or design project, or make a sudden breakthrough in the way you speak and communicate with others.

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