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The Moon and the Ego Consciousness

As humans, we are aware of our existence. We are aware of our consciousness.

The Moon reflects the Sun’s light and therefore is a reflection of the soul and is a reflection of the true self. The word Moon comes from the Sanskrit word “manas” which means “thought”. All thoughts are essentially records of information which enable us to learn by associating them with new information, and this gives rise to emotional responses. Thus the Moon also represents how we meet our needs, and what we need for emotional fulfilment.

The Moon and Mercury

The Moon has a long historical association with the mind and the brain and is often paired with Mercury. One of my all time favourite astrologers William Lilly explains that if the Moon is stronger in the birth chart than Mercury, the person’s emotions and passions often overpass their reason. So someone with a strong Moon may make most of their decisions based on how they feel about the situation or topic in question instead of listening to their logical reasoning. Subjectively this can be either a good thing or a bad thing of course.

The Moon is one of the most important celestial bodies in astrology. As the fastest moving body, she whizzes around the zodiac. She is frequently in and out of contact with every planet and thus, similar to Mercury, is responsible for carrying the starry messages. People with a strong Moon are said to have a good intuition. Perhaps this can be explained due to the Moon being in continuous contact with everything going on around her. The Moon is a connector.

The swiftest celestial body

As the Moon moves so fast, she changes her condition rapidly. The synodic month of the Moon is approximately 29.5 days, which is the period from one New Moon to the next. The sidereal month of the Moon is the time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth, which is just over 27 days. On each of these 27 days, the Moon passes through one of her 27 Nakshatras, or Lunar Mansions as they are also called, which are like her special lunar zodiac. The fast movement of the Moon combined with the quickly changing phases lends to the essential lunar quality of fluctuation and change. Therefore, the Moon signifies all things that waver, alternate and move from one state to the next. Such as travellers, sailors, postmen and messengers. Additionally, as she is the Queen of the zodiac she signifies femininity, queens and women in general.

The the Moon is fleeting, which is a totally opposite energy to that of the steady Sun. Therefore, the Moon represents our emotions and moods that are changing on a daily basis. Just by following the daily movements of the Moon, we can see the fluctuations in our day to day lives. A day where she meets with Saturn will generally be a restrictive or gloomy one, whereas a day where she crosses Jupiter will usually be a bountiful and happy day. In traditional medical astrology, the Moon also represents the physical body.

The Moon and water

The Moon is obviously connected to all of the water on Earth, as we know the it effects the tides. When the Moon waxes, visible growth can be seen on Earth. Plants grow more vegetation above ground, and human activity is heightened. After many years of observation, I have noticed that people are generally more energetic and lively in the days leading up to a full Moon and they also get drunk more easily during this time. You may have also noticed that your hair and nails grow faster when approaching a full Moon. When the Moon wanes, the tension of water is released on the Earth as we are geared towards a resting phase. During a new Moon, plants slow their growth and human life is more quiet. Hair and nails grow slower during this time, so if you wish to slow their growth, manage them during the waning moon phase.


The domicile sign of the Moon is Cancer, which is latin for crab. The legacy of this emblem is ancient, but it is rich with symbolism. Cancer is of the water element, so combining this symbolism with that of the crab, Cancer is very connective and often will hold on and not let go! Someone with a strong and unafflicted Moon in Cancer is likely more able to hold onto what is valuable to them and let go of what is not. A person born with a Moon in a less fortunate position may not find it so easy to let go of what is not serving them. Crabs move sideways, thus Cancer likes to stay within its own parameters around the home.

Cancer sits next to Leo in the zodiac, the domicile sign of the Sun. The first day of Cancer season is the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. Consequently, it is a cardinal sign that initiates the start of the summer season.

The Moon, as it appears to us on Earth, is the largest reflector of Sun’s light. As the receiver of the Sun’s light, the Moon is incredibly receptive, a trait passed onto its domicile of Cancer. Thus the energy of this sign is open and responsive. As the Moon is connected to our emotions, the cardinal nature of Cancer means that its emotions change very quickly. The water nature of Cancer makes it variable and adaptable.

The Moon is connected with the growth of life on Earth, and therefore the sign of Cancer is also the sign of growth. People born with a strong Cancer influence are incredibly nurturing, they love the idea of creating life and having a family. I have noticed they can be very dedicated teachers because they love to contribute to other people’s development and success. Places signified by Cancer are the sea, the beach, rivers and utility rooms. A body influenced by the sign of Cancer is often very soft and round and rather short.


The exaltation sign of the Moon is Taurus, the bull. Notably, both Cancer and Taurus are feminine signs. Taurus is the sign which follows Aries, the exaltation of the Sun. During this time, the majority of the Earth’s landmass is greening and growing, we plant seeds and wait for them to germinate. Taurus therefore is another sign that is directed towards growth. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and symbolises all of which is connected to gaining material wealth and stability. Thus, just like the bull, Taurus can be stubborn and difficult to move but also incredibly strong willed. They are often hard workers and appreciate financial stability. When the Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus, it is more connected to creature comforts, money, the fruits of the earth and material possessions to find fulfilment and security. Places signified by Taurus are cattle sheds, grazing fields, cellars and underground rooms. A body influenced by the sign of Taurus gives broad shoulders, big hands, large eyes and dark hair.

The Moon in detriment and fall

The Moon’s character is at its least authentic in the signs of Capricorn and Scorpio. Capricorn is the opposite sign to Cancer and is known as the Moon’s sign of detriment. It is the sign of Saturn, which is a planet that has a restrictive quality, much to the opposite of the Moon that is all about growth. Scorpio is the sign of the Moon’s fall, and is opposite the sign of Taurus where the Moon is exalted. In Taurus, the Moon can exhibit its desire to gain and generate, but Scorpio is the opposite to this and is more reserved in nature.

Strengthening the Moon

I believe that we all have the opportunity to improve upon our weaknesses if we so choose. If you would like to strengthen your lunar energy there are many things you can do.

Any activity which requires nurturing and taking care growth is very lunar, like looking after a house plant, or even a garden. You could wake up at sunrise on Monday and recite a prayer or mantra to the Moon. Take a walk or spend time by water. You can wear more white clothes, or silver jewellery.

On the whole, making a conscious effort to be more receptive and patient will connect you to the gentle Moon.


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