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Jupiter the Guru

After Mars takes action, there comes growth and progress and therefore, Jupiter. 

Jupiter is one of the outer planets that lies outside the orbit of Earth. He takes approximately 12 years to cycle the zodiac. One of the gas giants, Jupiter is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium with a small solid core. He is the fourth brightest celestial body on our sky, he will surely catch your eye when he is shining brightly on a clear night. 

Jupiter's Temperament

Jupiter’s temperament is hot and moist and therefore Sanguine, he is masculine in nature and is known as the greater fortune or greater benefic, paired with Venus who is the smaller fortune. William Lilly calls him an airy planet, and from the combination of all of these qualities we can understand how Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion and augmentation. Whatever Jupiter touches will expand like a balloon, for good or bad, but his influence is often perceived as lucky because he brings increase which often leads to good fortune. For example, in the birth chart, if you have Jupiter in the 5th house you may have a big family, or if placed in the 4th house you may have a big house.

Jupiter's Natural Signification

He has natural signification with religious figures and gurus, anyone who advises us and widens our point of view. He is also very important to consider in judging horary charts concerning babies, as he is their natural significator. He is responsible for that rapid growth and expansion of a new life. In cases of pregnancy, Jupiter is found to be transiting important points in the person’s birth chart. 

Traditional astrologers also give him signification for the interpretation of dreams, divine reverence, jollity, wealth, philosophy and wisdom.

Jupiter, Indra, The Oak Tree and Lightning

Jupiter rules the majestic Oak tree. In Jyotisha, Jupiter’s presiding deity is Indra, who governs thunder and lightning. Indra is the lightning bolt that breaks through the dark clouds, causing rainfall that replenishes the earth and expands our consciousness. What’s even more fascinating is that the oak is the tree most likely to be struck by lightening. 

Amongst many other natural signification, Jupiter is also linked to elephants, dragons, bees, peacocks, amethyst, sapphire, tin, basil and strawberries. In the body, Jupiter is correlated to the lungs, the liver and the blood. 

Jupiter's Dignities

He has two domicile signs of the zodiac, Sagittarius as his day house (or masculine sign) and Pisces as his night house (or feminine sign). His signs of detriment are those of Mercury - Gemini and Virgo. He is exalted in Cancer, and is in Fall in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Domicile in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolised by the mounted archer, a representation of strength and power. The archer looks towards a goal, or a point further ahead, and as such Sagittarius is often focused on the future or the bigger picture. As a hot and dry sign of the fiery triplicity, Sagittarius is of the Choleric temperament. A choleric temperament ruled by Jupiter will be naturally high in energy, passionate and strongly expressive. Sagittarius is one of the common or mutable signs which the Sun travels through at the changing of the seasons, in the case of Sagittarius it is the change from Autumn into Winter. Common signs are prevalent in times of reworking and adaptation. As Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius is often present in situations of broad development, like studying and learning at an advanced level. 

Jupiter in Domicile in Pisces

Pisces is the feminine domicile sign of Jupiter, symbolised by two fish bound by a chord. Like Sagittarius, Pisces is a mutable sign, but is feminine, cold, moist and watery in nature. When the Sun is in Pisces, the season is changing from Winter to Spring.  In Pisces, the expansion of Jupiter is often expressed more privately or inwardly. Pisces is prevalent in periods that do not seem to have a clear direction or boundary. One of Jupiter’s names is “Guru” which literally means heavy, and so when Jupiter is in this house of domicile, his influence is slower, heavier and more pensive but still very open. 

Jupiter Exalted in Cancer

Jupiter is exalted in the domicile sign of the Moon, which is Cancer the crab. This is another water sign so therefore it is cold and moist, but its modality is cardinal. Jupiter in Cancer takes more of a leadership role and initiates change for the greater good. Just as the Moon’s phases are tied to the growth of plantation and the tides on Earth, in the sign of the Moon, Jupiter’s energy flourishes and enhances growth and abundance. 

Jupiter in Detriment in Gemini and Virgo

Jupiter is considered weak in Gemini and Virgo, the domicile signs of Mercury. This creates a comparison between the characteristics of Mercury and Jupiter, who can been described as the student and teacher respectively. When placed in Mercury’s signs, Jupiter cannot fully express his nature of fidelity and creative thinking as the grounds of those signs are primed for change, and collecting and analysing details. 

Jupiter in Fall in Capricorn

When found in Capricorn, the domicile sign of Saturn, Jupiter’s energy is stunted. Saturn is a planet of structure and limitation which is contrary to Jupiter’s nature of freedom and liberation. 

Remedies for Jupiter

If you believe you may have a weak Jupiter, or you would like to connect to and strengthen your Jupitarian energy, you can begin by chanting a suitable mantra on Thursday in the hour of Jupiter. Mantras are ancient, highly effective phrases which if adopted and memorised can enable you to embody, appreciate and respect the planetary force you wish to bond with. You may also don Jupiter’s favourite colours, which are regal shades such as purple and blue, or a mix of green and yellow. Teaching and advising is a very Jupitarian activity as well as singing and giving public speeches. Jupiter is the planet of faith, so you may wish to also take time to align your personal beliefs and partake in any spiritual practices if you wish. A generous planet, Jupiter loves giving, so be sure to be freely charitable and magnanimous. Finally, be sure to laugh! Jupiter is joyous and loves fun, so do whatever makes you truly happy.


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