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Mars the Warrior General

In the natural order of human behaviour, after Mercury intakes information, Venus evaluates it which leads us to a decision. Mars is responsible for the action we take on the basis of this decision. Mars has natural signification of soldiers, blacksmiths, surgeons, iron, weapons, tigers, scorpions and fires.

Mars' Temperament

Mars takes two years to cycle the zodiac and 687 Earth days to orbit the Sun. It is known as a superior planet because its orbit lies outside that of the Earth’s. He is a masculine planet and is hot and dry and is associated with the Choleric temperament. If you look to Mars in the night sky, he even glistens with a red sparkle due to the colour of his surface and atmosphere. With these natures, his effects are aggravating, energising, heating and activating. He is the god of war. Mars leads and takes action. He rules the first sign of the zodiac, and is not afraid to take the first step.

In fact, Mars is always there to fight in any first response. The Mars effect can be see when our skin turns red in response to an allergen, it’s the sign of our immune system protecting us. When the body has calmed down, the redness goes away and Mars retreats ready for next time. Mars also rules sharp objects. This gives Mars the nature of precision and direction - he is straight to the point.

Mars the lesser malefic

Mars, like Saturn, is a malefic planet whose influence can simply be unfavourable or difficult, as opposed to the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter whose influences we desire. In Jyotisha, malefic planets are known as Krura Grahas which translates to Cruel Planets, and benefic planets are known as Saumya Grahas which translates to Gentle Planets. This concept is reflective of the duality of dark and light energy, creation and destruction, taking and giving. A cruel planet is not necessary evil, as of course everything is subjective to our human perception. However the influence of a krura graha, or cruel planet may feel very painful at times, but it is all within the necessary push and pull that balances our life experience. Any action we take is somewhat cruel in nature, as we force our strength and will onto our environment and to those around us to make progress. If we want to eat, we have to be cruel and separate the apple from the tree. If we want more apples, we have to dig the earth and plant more trees. This is the action of Mars.

The Avatar of Mars

The Avatar of Mars is Narasimha, an incarnation of Vishnu who came to Earth to protect his devotee, Prahlada. Prahlada was so devoted to Vishnu that it enraged his father to the point where he was set to kill him. Before he could, Narasimha incarnated as a half man and half lion beast, he was terribly angry, and killed Prahlada’s father. Narasimha’s anger continued to boil, but it dissipated as soon as he saw his devotee, Prahlada.

This story tells us that Mars represents appropriate aggression that rises in the face of necessity but disappears when the purpose is reached. When Mars is dignified in the horoscope, the person may be very passionate to complete their tasks, to the point of frustration when they are blocked or delayed. However on completion of such tasks, the anger resides. The person is direct and straight to the point. When Mars is undignified, the person may be unnecessarily angry or frustrated, and their passionate drive is misguided to what is not important, or they often can’t see the source of the problem they are trying to solve. They may procrastinate, avoid taking necessary action and lack straightforwardness.

Aries - Mars in Diurnal Domicile

The masculine domicile sign of Mars is Aries, the ram. As a cardinal sign and the first sign of the zodiac, Aries initiates and leads. A person with a strong Aries is often a leader or a pioneer in their field. As a fire sign, it is burning with passionate energy. Aries is a hot and dry sign which matches the choleric temperament of Mars. This gives Aries ambition, a competitive nature, impatience and impulsiveness. People with a strong Aries are often very driven and independent - on the contrary to the opposite sign of Libra which signifies relationships. In the body, Aries rules the head. It has traditional associations with livestock, wool, newly worked land, new buildings, fireplaces, and the military.

Scorpio - Mars in Nocturnal Domicile

The feminine domicile sign of Mars is Scorpio the Scorpion. Scorpio is a cold and wet sign which makes it Phlegmatic in temperament. It drives the Martian energy inwards, as opposed to outwardly expressive Aries. Scorpio is a fixed sign and is also one of the mute signs of the zodiac. Therefore, the actions of Mars in Scorpio are slow and quiet, which makes it a much more thoughtful and discrete sign than Aries. Whilst Mars in Aries fights the external battle, Mars in Scorpio knows that there is always an inner battle to be fought. In the body, Scorpio rules over the excretory and sexual organs. Traditional associations with Scorpio include defence and security, vineyards, ruined houses, stagnant or muddy water and places where there are poisonous insects.

Mars Exalted in Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, the sign where he is said to be able to express his fullest potential. Capricorn is a sign which exhibits endurance, strength and longevity. As an Earth sign, Capricorn doesn’t waver but stays focused and grounded. This sign enables Mars to direct his energy towards long term goals and maintain steady focus and enthusiasm. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, perfectly suited to the leader that is Mars.

Mars in Detriment in Taurus, Libra

Mars is in detriment when placed in the signs of Venus, Taurus and Libra. Libra falls opposite the sign of Aries, so when Mars is in this sign he looses his sense of independence. Mars in Libra fights for justice, but as Libra is a violent sign, it can bring out the more defensive nature of Mars. Taurus is the opposite sign to Scorpio and being a sign ruled by Venus, it is naturally a gentle sign. Taurus is also a fixed earth sign, which forces Mars to slow down. Therefore Taurus really takes the heat and energy out of Mars. Venusian signs are generally peaceful in nature, which don’t suit the active and energetic nature of Mars.

Mars in Fall in Cancer

When Mars is in Cancer, he is opposite to his sign of exaltation and therefore it is his sign of fall. Cancers nature is passive and receptive. As a sign that is ruled by the Moon, it fluctuates and changes daily. This takes away the will power and decisive qualities of Mars and can make it hard to take action and initiate.

Martial Remediation

If you would like to strengthen your Mars energy, you can start off by being more physically active. You can chant a Mars mantra on Tuesday at dawn. Iron, Bloodstone and Jasper can be brought into your environment, and you can wear bright red clothes. I also think that cooking is a very Martian activity as it combines the use of sharp objects and fire, both of which Mars loves. Above all, you could make a conscious effort to take more action and to focus your will and drive into solving problems. It’s important to always remember that there is a necessity to aggression, but it must reside when the task is complete.


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